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 cho minh loi bai hat voi.

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T O P I C    R E V I E W
rey_sailor Posted - 10/10/2002 : 22:55:18
cho minh tham gia dien dan voi.minh cung rat thich luyen nghe anh van bang cach nghe nhac anh.nhung co mot so bai minh nghe khong kip,ban co the cho minh loi mot so bai hat chu.
Ban co loi bai "pray" va "you will not for get me"chu,co the cho minh khong?
15   L A T E S T    R E P L I E S    (Newest First)
prince18th Posted - 04/12/2003 : 19:08:09

Yo, yo
Yo, yo

Your honour please
Gotta believe what I say (say)
What I will tell (tell)
Happened just the other day (day)
I must confess (confess)
'Cos I've had just about enough (enough)
I need your help (help)
Got to make this here thing stop (stop)

Baby I swear I tell the truth (uhuh)
About all the things you use to do (come on)
And if you thought you had me fooled
I'm tellin' you now objection overruled
Here we go (oh baby)


One for the money and the free rides
It's two for the lie that you denied
All rise (all rise)
All rise (all rise)
Three for the calls you've been making
It's four for the times you've been faking
All rise (I'm gonna tell it to your face)
All rise (I rest my case)

Your'e on the stand (stand)
With your back against the wall (wall)
Nowhere to run (run)
And nobody you can call(call) oh no
I just can't wait (wait)

Now the case is open wide (wide)
You'll try to pray (pray)
But the jury will decide (decide)

Baby I swear I tell the truth (uhuh)
About all the things you used to do
And if you thought you had me fooled (come on)
I'm tellin' you now objection overruled


So step back 'cos you don't know this cat
I know deep down that you don't want me to react
I lay low leaving all my options open
The decision of the jury has not been spoken

Step in my house you find that your stuff has gone (gone)
But in reality to whom does the stuff belong
I bring you into court to preach my order
And you know that you overstep the border, uhuh

CHORUS ( till the end)

Here it is

A.X Puskin - Nguyễn Đức Ho�ng
[]-Sign Guestboz

a linh Posted - 04/07/2003 : 16:31:13
Hi everybody !
Em la thanh vien moi gia nhap,lai moi hoc lop
11 thoi,rat mong moi nguoi chi bao cho em vai
kinh nghiem hoc tap .
prince18th Posted - 03/25/2003 : 18:19:56
va`o or go~ va`o cai' box search 1 ddoa.n ba`i ddo' la` co' ngay ... ;)

A.X Puskin - Nguyễn Đức Ho�ng
[]-Sign Guestboz

hayzy Posted - 03/16/2003 : 20:16:55
co ai bit loi cua bai All rise va one love cua blue ko?
tui ko tim thay trong
help me
vanillasky Posted - 03/06/2003 : 10:48:05

It's the first time i am here!i just wanna know Forum truongthi how it is.It'll be the greatway to learn English if U have freetime for Hearing & Watching CD or VCD.U'd better see film which have subtitles.So it's myway.AND somebody,HAve u get theway diffrent....
mail to me ,if you think it's nessceary......

vmhien Posted - 03/04/2003 : 13:25:26
Chao moi nguoi!
Tui cung rat khoai nghe nhac tieng Anh, nhung la nhac cua The Beatles.Day tuy la ban nhac huyen thoai nhung cung kha lau rui.Tui ban khoan khong ro lieu trong cac tranh web cac ban gioi thieu co loi cua ban nhac nay khong.Va lai toi cung muon tim ca phan nhac nua (sap toi tui hoc guitar ma).Co ban nao biet thi gioi thieu cho tui voi nhe.Tui xin chan thanh cam on.
phamngochai1234 Posted - 03/02/2003 : 14:19:11

minh co loi bai hat pray
prince18th Posted - 02/15/2003 : 17:38:19
m�nh add bạn được kh�ng ?
YM : prince18th

But... I can't help falling in love with you....
rey_sailor Posted - 02/11/2003 : 20:51:06
um.minh k biet cac ban o dau nhung minh thuong chat trong mang yahoo
nick minh la " trangbonmat2002"
prince18th Posted - 01/19/2003 : 13:16:41
i like chatting with you all ... can anybody help ?
Vietchat : #viet-nam , #20something
FPT : #HsPhamHongThai ,
Vnsweet : #Buddy ..
Nick : Kent_vn

hi ul
rey_sailor Posted - 01/16/2003 : 19:51:43
thank u very much!
minh rat cam on cac ban da goi cho minh nhieu trang web tuyet voi.

minh cung rat mong co the giup cac ban
co gi cho minh giup k, noi minh nghe nhe!

prince18th Posted - 01/15/2003 : 13:19:36
you'd better send your mail to to demand about your sings ... er , by the way .. i love the " you'll forget me " also ... it's great

hi ul
3dsmax Posted - 01/13/2003 : 21:54:56
Cac ban co the tim loi bai hat o trang web hoac trang Chuc cac ban thanh cong!
PTN Posted - 11/06/2002 : 17:31:35
Hai bai hat ban muon la cua ca si nao ?
Ban co the tham khao kha nhieu loi bai hat o trang web

lavangdethuong Posted - 10/31/2002 : 19:11:39
hi!em tham gia duoc ko?em cung nghe tieng anh do lam,ma hoc mon nay cung do nhieu bai hat nghe duoc nhung ma co nhieu tu doc hoi giong nhau, kho ma biet duoc tu nao,ma hat theo thi nhu la doc tieng viet vay ai co the giup em duoc ko?
Have good time!

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