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T O P I C    R E V I E W
prince18th Posted - 04/10/2003 : 17:58:30
Although/though/eventhough } + Clause ===[change to]=>> despite/inspite of/nothwith standing } + Noun/gerund
Exp: Although he was not guilty( co' to^.i ), they executed him
--------->>> Inspite if his innocence , they executed him

S+V + not ... until.....======>>>It was not until .. that ...( clause)
exp: Prince18th didn't get out of his computer keyboard until he finished this work.
----->>> It was not until Prince18th finished this work that he got out of his computer keyboard.
" It was not until " mean " M�i cho tới khi "

YES NO question ====>>> Indirect question
[i]Exp: Prince18th said " Do you understand, ppl ? "
------>>> He asked people If ( whether> they understood

How simple !?

I think these good to remember ... I don't know you knew or not .. but i still write down .. IF you have something new.. write down it now ..I always look forward to reading it .

A.X Puskin - Nguyễn Đức Ho�ng
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1   L A T E S T    R E P L I E S    (Newest First)
prince18th Posted - 04/11/2003 : 13:06:02
B�i n�y c� vẻ ch�n .. Nhưng chẳng ai n�i c�u n�o thế ??? �i trời oiii .. ch�n qu� !

A.X Puskin - Nguyễn Đức Ho�ng
[]-Sign Guestboz

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